Shop Policies and FAQ


Shipping Info

Standard shipping is a $5 flat rate. Orders over $35 qualify for free shipping! No code needed.

Orders are generally shipped out within 1-3 business days.


This year we’ve been making big changes to the way we operate our business and ship out orders. We’re moving towards using recyclable packaging materials in all of our orders and reducing our plastic waste. Our packing peanuts are made of organic storage and are 100% biodegradable. Our packing tape is made of kraft paper and is recyclable. Any bubble wrap or plastic air pockets in your package are reused materials which originally come from our own deliveries or donations.


We’re making choices to reduce CO2 emissions on the shipping of our goods. We’ve decided to stop shipping plants in soil. They are very heavy, require a lot packing materials, and take up a lot of space on delivery trucks. To reduce our impact on CO2 emissions, we’re moving towards carrying plant plugs and cuttings, which are very small and lightweight.  

Shipping Live Plants

Track your order and bring your package in as soon as possible!
Your plants will be traveling in a dark, dry box for many days, so please open your package and water them immediately. Please note that plants need time to acclimate to new environments and may need a few days to open up and stretch their leaves out. Some plants may drop some leaves or look droopy due to the stress of shipping, but please be patient and allow some time for your plant to perk back up!


Cold Weather Shipping

Please track your package and bring it indoors as soon as possible.

We require adding a 72+ heat pack to your order for packages being delivered to areas that fall below 40 degrees. Heat packs may be found here - heat packs

Hot Weather Shipping

Please track your package and bring it indoors as soon as possible. Plants are living organisms and may wilt or die if left in a hot mailbox for too long.


Returns / Exchanges

Please contact us within 7 days of receiving your order if you wish to make a return or exchange.


Order Cancellations

We generally do not accept order cancellations, however please contact us if there is any issue with your order.


Spyloh at Etsy

We also run an Etsy shop. Some prices may be slightly higher on our Etsy site to cover the ever increasing Etsy seller fees. We also don't offer all of our items on Etsy. So in other words, please support small businesses and shop direct instead! We do have stellar reviews on Etsy if you wish to peek!